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17 June 2024

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National Packaging Waste Database - Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Home

EEE Producers (as defined by The Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Regulations)

If you place Electrical and Electronic Equipment (EEE) on the UK market, you are considered a producer of "EEE". "Place on the UK market" applies where you manufacture, rebrand or import EEE in the UK or if you sell of EEE directly to end users in the UK from abroad.

EEE Producer Registration

Producers must register in each year they place EEE on the market to comply with their obligations under the Regulations. You can do this by:

  • Joining a Producer Compliance Scheme
  • Register directly with the relevant Agency/Body if you are a small EEE producer

To be eligible to register directly as a small EEE producer you must have placed less than 5 tonnes of EEE on the UK market in the previous year to that in which you wish to register. Exclude any material that you can show has been subsequently exported from the UK. You should not be a member of a compliance scheme for the year in which you wish to register.

Applications for direct registration as a small EEE producer should be made from 1st January of the year for which you wish to register. Any registration submitted in 2024 will register you for 2024. If you wish to register for the 2025 compliance period, please wait until after 1 January 2025.

To register directly as a small EEE producer please click here.

Additional Information

Small EEE producers may still have a producer obligation to finance the cost of collection, treatment , recovery and environmentally sound disposal of WEEE from users other than private households.

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