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09 December 2021

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Advisory Committee on Packaging


ACP Best Practice Templates for Reprocessors and Exporters

The following documents are templates of best practice for reprocessors and exporters and will help applicants to focus applications on the information the regulators require. The business plan needs to be completed for each company and the relevant sampling and inspection plan and recording systems document for each reprocessor or exporter.

Best practice templatesBusiness PlanReprocessor S&I PlanExporter S&I Plan,  Reprocessor Recording SystemsExporter Recording Systems


The Advisory Committee on Packaging (ACP) is designed to bring together industry expertise with a specific interest in packaging and packaging waste to advise and make recommendations to government to assist with their policy development on packaging reuse, recovery and recycling. Members represent  various parts of the packaging chain, including businesses which have legal obligations under the Producer Responsibility Obligations as well as others who are involved in the management of packaging waste – local authorities, compliance schemes, waste management companies, reprocessors and exporters.

Terms of Reference

To support the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) and the Department of the Environment Northern Ireland, the Scottish Government and the Welsh Government (the Devolved Administrations) in those matters relating to packaging falling within their respective responsibilities. In doing so, the Committee will have regard to the different policy priorities across the UK, the possibilities to maximise the economic, environmental and social benefits of the reuse, recycling and recovery of packaging waste and any applicable EU requirements.


A new Advisory Committee on Packaging (ACP) has now been appointed with the following membership:


  • Deep Sagar


  • Rick Hindley – Alupro (trade body)
  • Matthew Demmon - MKD32 (glass exporter)
  • Simon Weston - CPI (trade body)
  • Adrian Hawkes – Valpak (compliance scheme)
  • Simon Stringer – NiPak/ScotPak (compliance scheme)
  • Nicola Jones – Tata (reprocessor)
  • Andrew Bird – Newcastle-under-Lyme (local authority)
  • Roger Walton – Dover (local authority)
  • Alison Bramfitt – Nestlé (packer filler)
  • Mike Baxter – RPC bpi (reprocessor)
  • Stuart Hayward-Higham - Suez (waste management)
  • Karen Graley - Waitrose (retailer) 
  • John Dye - Scott Pallets (wood producer)


Transparency and representation

The ACP is committed to full transparency.  Agendas and Minutes from ACP meetings together with any relevant reports will all be published here.

Whilst membership is on an individual basis through appointment by the Minister, ACP members are there to represent industry in general and their sectors in particular. Anyone can therefore contact their relevant representative on the Committee if there is an issue they would like to be considered by the ACP.


ACP Meeting dates

Held at  Nobel House, Defra:



ACP Meeting Agendas and Minutes

Agenda 28/01/15

Minutes 28/01/15

Agenda 28/04/15

Minutes 28/04/15 Revised

Agenda 28/07/2015 Revised

Minutes 28/07/15

Minutes 13/10/15

Minutes 26/01/16

Minutes 26/04/16

Minutes 26/07/16

Minutes 25/10/16

Minutes 24/01/17

Minutes 25/04/17

Minutes 25/07/17

Minutes 24/10/17

Minutes 30/01/18

Minutes 24/07/18

Minutes 23/10/19

Minutes 29/01/19

Minutes 23/04/19

Minutes 23/07/19

Minutes 22/10/19

Minutes 23/01/20

Minutes 22/04/20

Minutes 29/07/20

Minutes 28/10/20

Minutes 26/01/21

Minutes 27/04/21


Task Forces

TF1 -Chairman's Report ACP Meeting 28 April 2015

TF1 Task Group 1 report recommendations

TF1 Update presentation 13 October 2015 

TF1 Update Meeting 26 January 2016

TF2 - Scoping Report April 2015  

TF2 Communcations options January 2016

TF3 - CEP Paper submitted to the European Commission 8 April 2015

TF3 Meeting Key Issues 14 January 2016

TF4 Terms of Reference


 Technical Liaison Group Agendas and Meeting Minutes

TLG Agenda 11/03/15

Notes of ACP TLG Meeting 11/03/2015

Definition of Contamination Paper v10   May 2015

TLG Meeting Notes 17/06/15

TLG Meeting Notes 11/08/2015

TLG Update 13 October 2015

TLG Meeting Notes 23/06/16



ACP response to Producer Responsibility Consultation May 2015

Notes from ACP meeting on PRN prices 19 June 2019

Silage wrap and packaging 9 July 2019

ACP Litter Task Force report – Summary

ACP Litter Task Force report

Response to Scottish Government's single-use plastic regulations consultations

Response to Welsh Government's litter and fly-tipping plan consultation

Advice to Defra on single-use plastic sachets

Response to Deposit Return Scheme in England, Wales and Northern Ireland consultation

Response to Extended Producer Responsibility in Packaging in the UK consultation

Response to Defra's Consistencey in Collections in England consultation

Consultation on the Waste Prevention Programme for England: Towards a Resource-Efficient Economy



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