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16 July 2024

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Transfrontier Shipment of Waste

This online Annex VII submission system is only for use by operators exporting waste directly from Scotland

If you are involved in the import or export of waste you need to be aware that shipments of waste are subject to a range of regulatory controls. Waste being exported for disposal is predominantly illegal. Other controls apply to export of “notifiable” waste. For further information please check the SEPA website:


Export of green list waste from Scotland

Green list (non-hazardous) waste can be shipped for recovery within Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) countries under a lower level of control and accompanied by certain information. The shipment of non-hazardous waste to non-OECD countries (ie developing countries) depends on which classification of waste the importing country accepts and which procedures it wants to apply.

You are not required to obtain written permission from SEPA if you intend to export waste under these controls; instead you must complete and sign an Annex VII Form (172 kb)  and ensure it accompanies your waste.

You must also:
  • Submit Annex VII data on a monthly in arrears to SEPA electronically using this online system, or
  • Send a copy of the completed Annex VII form to SEPA in advance of the shipment

Please contact SEPA’s Producer Compliance and Waste Shipment Unit on 01786 457700 or email transfrontier@sepa.org.uk if you would like to obtain a login for this system so you can submit Annex VII information online.

Further information on exporting waste for recycling is available in this guide Exporting recyclable waste for recovery in non-OECD countries (100 kb) .

This online Annex VII submission system is only for use by operators exporting waste directly from Scotland

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