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17 June 2024

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National Packaging Waste Database

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National Packaging Waste Database - Batteries Home

Batteries Producers

If you are company, partnership or sole trader with in the UK that places batteries, including those incorporated into appliances or vehicles, on the market for the first time on a professional basis then please refer to Batteries Producer Registration below for guidance on how to make an application.

Battery Producer Registration

This is where as a batteries producer you can register with your Environment Agency for portable batteries and with the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS) for industrial and automotive batteries.

To find out if you are a producer of batteries please refer to Batteries Guidance, please click here.

To register as a producer of Batteries please click here.

Large Producers

If you are a large producer of portable batteries, but are reporting on industrial / automotive batteries outside your compliance scheme, please click here.

If you are registered as a large producer of portable batteries but now produce less than 1 tonne and need to report directly, please click here.

Treatment Facilities and Exporters

If you are a company, partnership or sole trader in the ordinary course of a trade, occupation or profession, that carries out the treatment or recycling of waste batteries, or exports waste batteries for treatment or recycling outside the UK and want to apply to become an approved treatment operator or exporter then please contact your appropriate authority.

Compliance Schemes

If you want to become a Batteries Compliance Scheme then please call your appropriate authority.

Additional Information

For answers to any other queries you may have as a battery producer, batteries treatment operator/exporter or a batteries compliance scheme please see the refer to the appropriate websites below.

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